Perhaps the best known of the 4 Cs, Carat is a measure of the size of your diamond. Each Carat is divided into 100 points, so a gem that is 50 points is 0.50 Carats.

Choosing the gold for your jewelry is a personal decision. There are things such as quality, durability and shine to consider. Price is another factor. Pure gold costs considerably more than lower karats. Lower karats are more durable and less likely to scratch, scar, bend or break. If you choose a higher karat gold, white or rose gold, you should take special care of it. Do not sleep in it or wear it every day. Take it off when you work or clean. These types of gold jewelry can keep their beautiful appearance for years if properly taken care of.

As you shop, consider what is in her jewelry wardrobe already, as well as the kinds of clothing she likes to wear. Some women prefer a very plain, elegant style, while others want their jewelry to make a statement with its styling.

Emerald cut diamonds have rectangular shapes with chopped off corners. Emerald diamonds are not nearly as brilliant as their round and oval counterparts. Emerald diamonds are also known as a “step” cuts.

In years past, men were told to budget no less than 2 months income to invest on the engagement ring. So, who came up with this amount of money you wonder? Some people think it was the engagement ring industry who led some to believe that is how much you need to spend. In today’s world, two months salary can be difficult to save, and there really is no reason to start a marriage with a lot of debt. You ought to consider your finances prior to making an informed decision on how much you can afford to invest on such a meaningful and endless purchase.

Now that you know more about your diamond, you probably wonder how to sell the diamonds without getting scammed. The best thing to do, would be selling your diamond inside the family or to your friends. This works for all jewelry and promises you a safe transaction which relies not only upon the value of your stone, but also on sentimental value and look value of the jewelry.

Prong settings: This is among the traditional sorts of settings available for the wedding ring alternatives. This is the typical sort of settings used for solitaire wedding ring alternatives. Prongs are the metal claws that clutch the stone in place from outside. These are suitable for marquise, princess and pear cut diamonds.

Women like to be thought of on this special day. This means getting them a romantic card suitable for the type of relationship that you have and a romantic gift too. You cannot go wrong if you say it with flowers. Women love flowers, love having them sent to them and given to them and the best part about giving her flowers is that it does not have to cost you a lot of money. Nor is it a proposal of marriage.